As a child I grew up on the lake at my family’s camp roaming the woods and swimming along the shore summer after summer building the foundation for a profound interest and admiration for the Maine wilderness.

When I grew older my uncle began bringing me along on hunting and fishing expeditions at a hunting camp in Alton. My uncle’s camp was built in the 1950’s nestled snuggly in a deep tree line, along a boggy meadow after he returned from the Korean War. I acquired the camp in the mid-nineties and began MaineGuiding out of the camp following years of independent journeys into the wilderness. Memories of numerous hunting and fishing expeditions still stir in its spruce logs.centerpiece-guide-pageMy hope is that you too, will find pleasure, serenity and your own connection to the deep wilderness as I have throughout my life. I seek to share my passion for the outdoors and pass on my love for the natural world and reveal the tranquility I have discovered in the woods and on the waters by offering wilderness adventures in Maine.

Among my adventures over the years include several summer long cross-country motorcycle trips, taken before settling into my love of canoeing. My many journeys have taken me from Maine to Alaska, Northern Canada and the American Southwest.

Summary of Various Skills, Affiliations and Certifications:

Along with extensive skills and working knowledge of inland waters from personal experience; I also assist, as a volunteer, with safety at numerous canoe races in Maine, typically from a canoe, including the Machias, the Souadabscook, and the National White Water Canoe Race held on the Dead River.

I have been involved with search and rescue assisting the Maine warden service, also as a volunteer, in finding lost persons on land and water for over twenty years. With over ten of those years volunteering as a K-9 handler with a certified search dog and consistently attending symposiums on search and rescue annually. I have housed up to fifty sled dogs at a time and run teams annually for 15 years.

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